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Mar 19, 2015 · Put the poker face on, stare in the mirror, and give yourself silent commands – “poker face poker face poker face”. Do it a couple of times a day until muscle memory kicks in to help out. When the time comes, get your poker face in place beforehand and relax with the deep breaths mentioned above. Council Post: Five Tips To Cultivate A CEO's Poker Face Aug 26, 2016 · Five Tips To Cultivate A CEO's Poker Face. Forbes Coaches Council So if having a poker face is a thing, and it’s what gives CEOs an edge, how can you cultivate yours? How to have a better poker face AKA Stop Laughing so much? Sep 26, 2011 · Best Answer: I understand what you mean when you compare trying to control your laugh to having a "poker face". Still, because you used that phrase, Yahoo! Answers suggested that the "Gambling" section was a good place for your question. Frankly I think you'd get more/better answers if you re-posted this somewhere else. 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in an Offline Poker Tournament

These characters couldn't hold a poker face if their life depended on it. ... Gabriel's fate, but Tapris face reveals all and Satania is easily able to avoid the Joker.

How to Keep a Poker Face - Howcast | The best how-to… Step 5: A poker face isn't just what you show above the neck -- control your entire body language to avoid telegraphing your thoughts. Keep all movements steady and consistent, and refrain from any unnecessary motion like biting your nails, tapping your feet, or touching your face. Step 6: To keep a...

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Errors in judgment at the poker table are to be expected, as nobody on the face of the planet plays Texas holdem to perfection. Nonetheless, the best players in the world strive to identify and eliminate mistakes at every juncture. 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in an Offline poker Tournament

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How to Follow Poker Etiquette. Poker etiquette is more than knowing "when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em." Good poker etiquette is about showing respect for your fellow poker players and the venue you're playing poker in, whether it's in … How to Avoid Tilt in Poker